Jason vs. Comedian Barry Sobel…

I had a lot of fun shooting this comedy showcase for the news.  Comedian Barry Sobel may not be be as well known as Chris Rock or Louie CK, but he’s been acting and telling jokes in movies and television since the 1980’s.  He’s the kind of comedian that other comedians go see (which is one of the highest honors for a comedian).  He’s also incredibly cool and gracious!  When I arranged to photograph his set, he said I could shoot ON the stage, if I wanted!  What?!?  Yeah, he said to shoot anywhere, even on the stage to get a great shot of him and the crowd together.

Now, I’m not one to stand on a stage during a performance, but the venue had a little nook at the back of the stage for actors to wait and hide behind.  Using that spot, I think I captured the event pretty well. It’s a nice change from the average comedy show image!

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