My Diana broke…

I found a Diana clone at an estate sale several years back for three dollars. I shot a couple rolls of film through it and then put it up on the shelf. Well, today I decided to play with it again. I took it to a shoot and pressed the shutter, but it didn’t feel right. I looked at it, and it’s broken!

I’m not really planning to spend the fifty bucks or so for a new production Diana – the ones sold at Urban Outfitters, on ebay and elsewhere. And, I doubt that I’ll find another one at a garage or estate sale anytime soon.
Oh well, it’s not a big deal. I still have four Holgas, which are very similar to the Diana. I’ve also got some other “toy” cameras that I should pull back out. But, still… I’m sad that my vintage Diana clone is broken.


I’m looking into to see if it adds any value to a photographer’s current networking and social media plan. Does anyone currently use their site? I just found out about it through an ASMP bulletin. Anyone know if it’s worth my time to start visiting regularly?


I am not a very sporty guy. I don’t follow any professional teams for any professional sports. I don’t watch games on television and rarely go to a sporting event. I just have other interests, like music, photography, my family, etc…

With that being said, I still enjoy getting to photograph sports and athletes. I was hired by a corporate client to shoot an event they were hosting/sponsoring with soccer (or futball/European football) legend Claudio Reyna. He was supposed to do a full coaching workshop with area kids, but the weather forced everyone inside. He was still nice enough to talk with all the children and sign autographs.

First LEGO League…

I don’t know if I mentioned this already, but one of my photo shoots from last weekend was pretty wild. I was hired to shoot the First LEGO League competition in Dallas for its sponsors. It was a total blast!

The event consisted of 58 teams from various elementary schools from across Texas and Oklahoma. The teams designed robots from special LEGO parts to perform specific tasks on a playing field. It was an all day event, and it ended with a Super Bowl-style showdown between the final two teams.
I got so many great images from the day that I’ll probably post a bunch more in a future blog. I really like shooting fun events like this. It would be nice if every gig involved such a great theme.

Art contest…

Do you feel like entering your photography in an art contest?

AANC 19th National Art Exhibition & Sale

The Artists Association of Northern Colorado (AANC) is currently accepting entries for its prestigious National Art Exhibition. Artists from across the country are encouraged to enter. For the prospectus:

Call for Artists
Deadline: February 4, 2010

Artists Association of Northern Colorado
19th National Art Exhibition
The Lincoln Center – Fort Collins, CO

April 3 – May 7, 2010

Entry Fees: Members $35/3 entries
Non-members: $40/3 entries
Over $5,000 in awards!

Juror: Frank Francese, NWS – Grand Junction, CO
Workshop: April 7 – 9

New print…

I know that I always post blogs about my Quick cover shoots, but I don’t just shoot for them. I actually have a lot of other clients. Some of the shoots are really boring, and wouldn’t be worth sharing (but they still help pay my bills). Some other shoots are a lot of fun, but I run out of time during a busy work week and forget to post about them.

In any case, I’m going to try and share more samples of my work, and not just Quick stuff (even though Quick is totally cool). Here are a few recent issues of The Dallas Morning News that I did photo shoots for. They are all concerts, plays and musicals that are going on around town…

iPhone pics…

A lot of people have been publishing their iphone (and other brand of camera phone) pictures on the web and in print for a while now. I’m not sure that I’ve ever shared my iphone pics here before, though I do post them on my facebook page and email them to friends and family.
So, I ran through my phone and picked a few favs from the last year, including one from the Warped Tour concert, a wild looking sky and my oldest boy asleep with his trains…

Profoto event video…

I got some video up from the Profoto-sponsored event last night. Dallas area photo assistants and photography students got a chance to try out some really nice gear, and everyone seemed to be having a great time!