New Profoto Batteries For Twenty Bucks?!?

OK, one of my batteries on the Profoto AcuteB 600r packs finally died on me. It should be no surprise, as I’ve been foreshadowing this day in previous blog posts for a while now. I’ve had the kits for over three years, so they beat the odds (the batteries are estimated to last two years with regular use).
It was working OK the other day, but the yellow light would come on almost immediately after I started shooting. I knew it was on its last legs. The next day I took a pack with me for a new photo project I was trying out, and the thing just gave a pathetic whimper and wouldn’t even turn on. It reminded me of a car with a bad battery that won’t start. I tested the pack with another battery when I got back to the studio, just to trouble shoot things (and make sure it really was a bad battery and not a bad pack). Yup, the pack worked fine with a different battery, so I found my culprit!
There are a few options for replacement. One might be the new Lithium battery pack, but that is more than $600, and I am assuming that it requires a new, dedicated charger. Another option is to purchase a new Lead Acid battery cassette made by Profoto, selling most places for around $275. I went with option three (ordering a similar spec non-Profoto battery) for $20 each… we’ll see how well it works when the new batteries arrive.
The batteries that I ordered show to be the same dimension as the Profoto battery. They have the same voltage and a slightly higher amperage. I am guessing they will get the job done just fine. As you can see below, removing the old battery was a snap. It’s really just four screws and two connectors. I’m guessing that installation of the new batteries will be just as easy. These are the three main pieces to the battery cassette (not shown are the four screws):

So, we’ll soon find out if I have found a good $20 per pack battery replacement for my Profoto AcuteB 600r packs. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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  1. Hello Jason, how are you?
    Did it worked out?
    Please let me know and add a new link to it as the option3 link is not working.
    Thank you so much.
    Best regards,

  2. Yes, I used them for the last couple years. I am about ready to change them again. There are several good battery options available today.

  3. I did the same I was thinking I had no alternative but to fork out 80 bucks to send to Profoto and have missing Battery for 10 days.. Just purchased a Stock item at battery supply for took five minutes to replace. The batteries are all made in China anyways. Only difference you don't get the Profoto Logos

  4. Ok in a bind and need to replace asap. I have using Batteries plus batteries for a couple years now but a crap shoot to if they will get sufficient life or not. Where is the best source and how is it working?

  5. Did this work? I have to replace asap as I have been using Batteries Plus and not consistent in longevity of life. What is the best source?

  6. Did this work and which is the best source. In a pinch and had been replacing mine through Batteries plus but a crap shoot if they get very few pops out of them before going dead!

  7. Hello Jason, I was wondering if you'd still recommend ordering those optional replacement batteries? I'm on a tight budget these days and this would be an great option! Take care!

  8. Cool, but do I have to make sure not to "over charge" them? Do I charge them in the power pack or should the battery cell be outside of it? If it's in the Profoto pack should I go by the green indication of the pack, showing it as being charged?

  9. I ordered from At Battery. The BP5-12 that is 12v 5Ah. Works fine, took less than 2 minutes to swap them. You need a T30 bit to loosen the screws.

  10. I tested the pack with another battery when I got back to the studio, just to trouble shoot things (and make sure it really was a bad battery and not a bad pack). Yup, the pack worked fine with a different battery, so I found my culprit! 8x batteries

  11. Hi, I've been through 2 different lots of replacement batteries and they don't work well. After the first replacement I thought I'd just ordered a dud but now the second attempt is no good as well. The battery spec is the same on both counts but they don't seem to hold charge and go to red light after a few pops..
    When tested with a multimeter they have the full 12v power so not sure what's going on there. My pack works fine with my Li-fe battery and so does the charger. I'm confused…
    Anyone that could shed some light on this would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Hey Matt, It seems the issue is the 12V drops down when charging and trips the low batt. feature as it can't supply the 26Amps the pack draws. This battery seems to be spec'd to handle the draw but I haven't tested one yet.

    I'm looking at trying a set of LiPo or LiFePO4 cells in my Acute B but slightly fearing a big poof as it supplies 16.5 to 17.4V rather than the 14 of the Pb. Anyone messed with them yet? Any thoughts?

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