We’ll Steal Your Music…

As the title of my post (stolen from a quote in the story) clearly points out, there is a copyright problem among wedding photographers… but, not the problem of stolen images. PDN has a great article on photographers in trouble for using unlicensed music in their projects. They are basically stealing music when they don’t pay a licensing fee for the copyright:

I always try to use local music in my video projects, so I can call up the artist directly and get permission or pay for licensing. This doesn’t address the issue of wanting top 40 hits in a project, but it sure helps me avoid problems with ASCAP or any of the other licensing groups out there!
Luckily, Dallas has a thriving music scene, so I have plenty of great tunes to pull from and I’m also supporting local artists. This may not be a viable solution in a small town in the middle of nowhere. If you live in a tiny town with only a few bar bands, you will definitely have to look into the licensing options stated in the article.

Recent Concert Photography…

I sure hope you have a subscription to the wonderful Dallas Morning News. If not, it means you are missing out on a whole bunch of wonderful photos and writing. Here’s a sample of some of my recent photos that ran in the news. They are from three recent concerts, including Bob Seger, Staind and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and Children’s Choir.

If you like these photos, you should also check out my website at www.janikphoto.com for other great Dallas music photography.

Dallas PR and Corporate Event Photography…

Dallas is a big city. Because it’s a hub for so many industries, there’s a LOT of corporate event and PR photography to shoot. There are plenty of conventions, product announcements/launches and general Press Release opportunities that all need photos and video!
In general, this type of photography is paid by a day rate or an hourly shooting rate. Rates can vary from city to city, but Dallas photographers normally charge $200-$300 per hour for standard event coverage. Certain factors could raise or lower this rate, but I’ve found this is a good ballpark to expect.
Here’s an example of just a few recent events I was hired to cover. You’ll notice that corporate events can have a wide range of subject matter. Expect to shoot guest speakers, convention displays, pictures of mascots, facility tours, meeting sessions and much more …

If you like these photos and need a corporate event and PR photographer in Dallas, visit my main website at www.janikphoto.com for more info.

Photo Booths!!!

I sure do love photo booths! I’ve already blogged about their return in a post earlier this year. I see them at weddings, community events and used as promotional items during product launches or corporate events. They really are a hot ticket these days.
I miss the old school booths… the real ones that developed real photos while you waited. The new booths are all digital, using a digital camera and a computer printer, which isn’t quite the same. Maybe I’m just being too picky, sounding like my grandfather (Photo booths were better in my day…)
However, the modern digital booths still capture the fun and nostalgia of the old booths, they are MUCH more portable (no nasty photo chemicals to mess with, for one thing) and most modern booths also offer digital copies of your photos!

There was a booth set up at a recent event I was hired to photograph. During a break, I took my assistant inside the booth for a little photo fun. Who could resist?!?