A nature post…

I still haven’t straightened out my blog issues, but I thought I could post some fun nature photos in the meantime. There’s something very zen-like when I shoot bees and bugs and flowers…

Iphone pics for clients…

While I’m waiting for my IT guy to move my blog to WordPress (so I can keep uploading it directly to my website, instead of this stupid blogger link), I thought I’d do one more post. This is something that’s happening with more frequency, so it’s kind of important to the professional photographer. What is it? It’s iphone (or smartphone for the other brands of cellphones out there) pictures for your clients.

Why would someone hire you to take pictures with your iphone, instead of a regular camera? Well, instead isn’t the best word… try in addition to. Yup, I’m having more clients ask if I can snap a few pics with my iphone and immediately send them to the company’s social media person.
For one, this allows them to put up a professionally composed image on facebook and twitter (and everywhere else on the internet) immediately. The event is currently happening, and they can advertise it with a much better pic than any of them could take with their phone. Plus, the picture isn’t too professional and slick, so it feels real and genuine, like a snapshot that a customer might take.
Every so often, I would put down my Canon 5DmkII with the 16-35mm f2.8 L series lens and 580exII flash, and I would pick up my iphone. A few clicks and a quick email is all it took to get some snapshots of the event online in real time!
So, don’t think it’s an awkward request if a client hires you for hundreds of dollars per hour, just to have you pull out your iphone camera! It might just happen to you, too.

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