ASMP Dallas Student Gallery Show

The juried photo show at Kettle Art Gallery turned out pretty well, I think. It’s tough being President of the North Texas chapter, trying to wrangle all the people and juggle all the details to make stuff like this happen, but it’s also very rewarding when it all comes together!
Of course, it’s not just me. So many other people gave their blood, sweat and tears to get us here. Our entire chapter board did so much work organizing and executing, the five guest judges worked hard to pick the final images for display, Frank at Kettle broke his back to get the show hung… and, of course, the student members all printed and delivered their images without issue.

Chefwear Catalog Photographer!!!

The new Chefwear catalog is out, and it features Dallas/Fort Worth area restaurants! It was great working with the people at Chefwear to showcase DFW’s best and boldest for their professional clothing catalog. Here are some sample pages from the 56 page catalog. I hope you enjoy my photos, as much as I enjoyed the photo shoots!

If you like these catalog photos, feel free to visit my website at

Abstract Concert Photos…

Every once in a while, I will play around at a concert and try to take some abstract images. They show off the movement, colors and energy of a show. It can definitely be something different and fun!

Dallas Professionals…

I was looking through some of the images I’ve shot of Dallas-area professionals, and thought I’d share a few. There is a good mix here, including the head of the Bar Association, a video production company executive, and a business consultant.

I Hope You Subscribe…

I subscribe to the Dallas Morning News… it’s a good paper, and I’m always finding an important story to read. I hope you subscribe, too. Not to mention, it gives you a chance to see more of my photos, like this one of the recent Death Cab For Cutie concert:

Give The Drummer Some Credit…

Rock and Roll drummers often get overlooked by photographers.  Maybe because they are tucked away at the back of the stage, or maybe because the lead singer gets all the attention.  Either way, a good music photographer should always check out the the action back there…  it can make for some pretty intense imagery!  

Did you spot some famous faces?  You might not be used to recognizing the creators of your favorite beats, but you’ve just seen pictures from The Police, Mute Math, My Morning Jacket, Secret Machines, The Roots, The Black Keys and more.  Who knew percussion photos could be so fun?!?  

Dear Carrie Brownstein…

Carrie Brownstein of the Washington rock group Sleater-Kinney performs at the Gypsy Tea Room on September 13, 2002.

I’ve had a secret crush on Carrie Brownstein for over a decade now.  Long before she started getting recognized by regular folks for her wonderful acting/comedy efforts on Portlandia… Even before most of the hipster music kids jumped on the Sleater Kinney bandwagon in the mid-2000’s…  I photographed her on stage a couple times over the years at Deep Ellum‘s Gypsy Tea Room, and was always mesmerized by her stage presence.  This girl can rock!  

If You Read FD Luxe..

If you read FD Luxe, you’ll see my photos.  Of course, you’ll also see my photos run in D Magazine, D CEO, USA Today, The NY Times, The Dallas Morning News, Businessweek, and a million other places… it just so happens that a copy of the current FD Luxe was the closest thing to my desk at the moment.  But, you get the idea.  Keep an eye out!

Photos of SMU…

I was scouting locations this week for a magazine that wants to do portraits of our Olympic athletes for an upcoming issue.  They plan to do all the shoots in Dallas, so I had to go through and take detailed images of each potential location.  Though I only do it occasionally, some location scouts do this full time.  
One of the locations I scouted was the SMU campus.  I’ve always enjoyed the architecture of the old buildings, but this gave me a new fondness for some of the under appreciated parts of the campus.  The school has been around for a hundred years, so it’s had plenty of growth and change over the years.
The photos below are from the old natatorium.  The brick, wood and metal throughout the building seemed to hum and vibrate with stories of the past.  I could almost hear a swim meet from the 1940’s taking place.  It would be fun to go back and really document the lesser-known parts of the campus with an 8×10 camera, instead of just zipping through it with my Canon 5DmkII.