Cabe Booth…

As many of you already knew, I did a lot of PR and marketing work this year for the annual Rhett Miller charity concert – benefitting CF research. I also donated a few of my limited edition prints and acquired a couple other charitable donations – including an awesome commissioned painting by Cabe Booth.

However, I didn’t get to actually attend the show this year, due to my Disney trip. I didn’t get to hear the bands perform. I didn’t get to see all the people enjoying the evening. I never got to see my photos sitting at the silent auction table. I never got to see Cabe’s artwork in person.

Luckily, Cabe sent me a photo he took of his painting. Not quite the same as seeing it live, but still pretty cool. The painting was done from one of my photos, so it is special to me. I’ve always been a huge fan of Cabe’s work, and love everything he does! I hope the high bidder has already hung this piece in their home/office/wherever and is enjoying it right now…
It is hard to tell from the small picture, but this is painted on wood and the edges are torn and roughed up. It is somewhere between three and four feet wide and tall.

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