How hard is it?!?

So, I recently did all the album artwork and all the promotions artwork for Rhett Miller’s upcoming album.  I didn’t specifically put in my contract that all photos must have MY name on it, and not the label or promotions company.  Many labels will do it if you just ask.  I should’ve…  

As you can see by the story above, new promo pics are being used, but my name is not.  At least it will show up in the album itself.  Speaking of which, I was in a Denton book and music store called Recycled Records, CD’s, and Books yesterday.  By chance, I ran across one of the first albums I ever did photos for.  I think it was the second one ever, put out in 1997 by some Christian metal band named Spittin’ Jonah.  
I glanced through it and noticed they never bothered to put a photo credit in the liner notes.  It is standard practice to put all credits in the album’s liner notes…  photos, any illustrations, art direction, recording, production, mastering, etc…  Oh well.  Those things happen I guess.