Oil and Natural Gas Photos…

I admire these men.  They load big rigs, haul water to and from fracking sites out in the middle of nowhere, lay heavy pipelines, get covered in dirt and mud, work long hours in the heat and cold and rain… all just so we can have natural gas to keep our modern conveniences running.  The life of an oil and gas man looks brutal, but I’d secretly love to do it – just let me grab a flannel shirt and a thermos full of hot coffee!

I had a lot of fun photographing the natural gas industry, especially getting a chance to see what’s required to successfully complete the fracking process.  I thought the thousands of bottles full of sample water (seen below) stored for testing was pretty interesting, too.  And, of course , a day full of photographing giant semi trucks driving across the back roads of east Texas was a blast!  

With all the natural gas and oil in Texas, you can bet that I’ll be shooting more of the industry soon.  In the meantime, check out my other photos at www.janikphoto.com