We Built This City…

I had a blog going last night, trying to keep my promise of doing a blog post every day in November. Then, suddenly… everything fell apart. Pretty much everyone in my family got sick yesterday, except me. I was forced to abandon the blog and tend to a variety of vomit coming at me from all directions. Yes, it WAS gross!!!

Why do I mention this? Well, as a professional photographer, you still have real life happening all around you. Since the blog isn’t essential to my survival, it wasn’t a priority. If it was an important client’s pics that HAD to be turned out last night… well, I would’ve probably been running back and forth between the studio and the bedrooms and bathrooms all night long. As a professional freelance photog, you have to balance your clients and real life. Sometimes, it isn’t so easy.
OK, so back to blogging. I’ve missed two days out of thirty now. Not too bad I guess, especially considering that six of them were spent on vacation. And, besides dealing with a sick family (and a giant pile of nasty bed sheets to wash), I still had an early morning shoot, prep for an evening shoot and several clients needing to finalize upcoming shoot details with. It has been non-stop.
What does all this have to do with the Jefferson Starship song “We Built This City”, which is today’s blog title? Nothing. But this does:
It’s a cool little video I shot for BlackWhiteRead.com about a choir performance at Woodrow Wilson High School. The event was pretty fun, especially the Princeton Tigertones. The high school rendition of “We Built This City”, on the other hand, was not the highlight of the evening…
Maybe I just have something against the song, because the kids sound fine. If only they’d chosen something like “London Calling” or “Anarchy In The UK”. Is that too wild for a high school choir? Hey, I heard the grocery store music system playing Ozzy Osborne the other day (which was very odd), so why not some Sex Pistols in the school choir?????