Weddings? Really?!?

What am I doing? I’m not supposed to shoot weddings, right?!? That’s the old stereotype, anyway. Either you are one of those cheesy wedding photographers, or you aren’t. You can’t shoot commercial and corporate work AND shoot weddings. You can’t shoot for prominent publications AND shoot weddings. You can’t shoot concerts, album covers AND weddings! You either do weddings or you do the other stuff – with the exception of the photojournalist, who works at his/her newspaper during the week and does weddings on the weekend…
Well, I am not afraid to say that I’m a softy, a hopeless romantic… I like to shoot a wedding every now and then. I like the love, the laughter and the joy. I like the action and the suspense. I like the cake, too.
I only do a handful every year, but I’m not ashamed to say that I shoot weddings. They are just like the huge conferences I shoot, the wild concerts and clubs I photograph, the magazine feature stories I capture on film… with tuxedos and colorful dresses thrown into the mix!
The above picture is from a wedding I did last weekend in Waco, TX.