About half a second of backside…

Sometimes stories are held for a while… a long while.  A few months back, I was assigned to do a video story for blackwhiteread.com on some storm sewer spelunkers.  While I was there, I was surprised/happy to see Randy Grothe on assignment for the DMN.  

My video ran shortly after the assignment, but Randy said they were holding his for a while.  You see, if a story isn’t time-sensitive, publications will occasionally hold onto them.  It helps provide content on slower news days, and makes room for more important breaking news stories.  I’ve done stories for publication that have been held for months before…  
Well, Today’s DMN finally has Randy’s video piece online, with a fun story by contributing writer Page Phelps and photo intern Cody Duty.  Why do I bring up Randy’s video?  First, because Randy is super-cool, and second because you can see my backside for about half a second if you watch really carefully.  I know, not exactly my best and biggest “cameo”, but it still brings back memories of that fun, dirty, slimy day.  
Here’s a link to Randy’s video:  
Here is a link to the one I shot:  
and a follow-up story with some of my photos: